About us

Veriscon Energy is an international clean energy company championing profitable clean transition and energy access in emerging markets. 

We do this by innovatively originating, developing, financing, building and operating clean energy projects on behalf of our partners and investor. 

We also offer wide range of advisory and strategic consulting services to targeted clients, including project developers, investors, financial institutions, public sector, development finance and donor organizations. 

Our team is made up of highly talented, enthusiastic and passionate experts who are well versed in technical, commercial and financial aspects of clean energy projects.  

We cover both established and emerging clean energy technologies, including Wind Energy, Solar PV, Hydrogen, Hydro and the low-carbon Natural Gas. 

Operating out of our London and Nigeria offices, we deploy in-house expertise to deliver our projects and support our clients. We also maintain a global network of expert consultants who are ready to mobilize when required. 


Our mission is to bring about the supply of steady, affordable and sustainable clean power to consumers in emerging markets, by demystifying clean energy technologies and the process of developing, financing and implementing clean power projects. 


Our vision is to be a leading player in the clean energy landscape, conceptualizing and implementing cost-effective clean power projects both as project owner and as services provider.  


The strength of our company is built on these pillars which guide everything we do. 

  • Collaboration and Partnership – Be it contractor-clients relationship, JV partnership or developer-investor relationship, we see all stakeholders as collaboration partners. We assume full ownership of the project and work to realize its full potential. 
  • Value creation – We always ensure we are delivering value for the project, investors, parners and clients, leveraging our diverse background and expertise.
  • Creativity & InnovationWe strive to continuously innovate while deploying our critical & analytical thinking abilities.
  • Teamwork – We believe in the effectiveness of teamwork. We constantly promote the culture of collaboration, leveraging our individual skills and strengths for the overall team delivery and project success.