Most challenges project developers, lenders and investors face while investing in clean energy projects come from insufficient technical and commercial knowledge of the various clean energy technologies, as well as the need to comply with some onerous regulatory and environmental requirements.   

At Veriscon, we understand the technical, commercial, regulatory, safety and environment requirements for project development and execution. Our experts are well equipped with many years of hands-on experience developing and implementing clean energy projects globally. 

A key strength of Veriscon in this area is the fact that we maintain in-house end-to-end capabilities. Our technical expertise is very well complemented by expertise in commercials and contracts, to give a balanced perspective to all evaluations and analysis. 

Our focus is always the overall project success and profitability, and that is the mindset that drives our engagement with the client.  

So, whether you are a project developer, a lender or investor, we understand your need and we will support you all through. 

Our expertise and offering cover services in;

  • Project Development Support & Due Diligence
  • Economic Analysis & Modelling
  • Project Business Plan/Case
  • CAPEX & OPEX Estimation
  • Tendering & Procurement Support
  • Project Financing Support
  • Construction Plan, Contracts and Programme Review