Veriscon is an international energy company championing profitable clean transition and energy access in developing countries, through innovative project development, financing, execution and operation. 

We deploy expertise in technical know-how and in-depth understanding of project economic drivers, to unlock value for all stakeholders. 

Project Development

We originate, develop, finance, execute and operate clean energy projects on behalf of our partners and investors

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Technical Advisory

We deploy our end-to-end capabilities to help target clients realise their clean energy projects.

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Veriscon Energy is an international clean energy company championing profitable clean transition and energy access in emerging and developing economies. 

We do this by innovatively originating, developing, financing, building and operating clean energy projects on behalf of our partners and investor. 

We also offer wide range of technical, commercial and strategic consulting services to targeted clients, which include project developers, investors, financial institutions, public sector, development finance and donor organisations. 



Solar PV is a very well-established technology, and one of the cheapest ways of generating clean energy. It can accommodate different project capacities and models, from standalone commercial, industrial and residential solutions to large utility scale projects. These are some of the solar PV features that make it the technology of choice in most developing countries.

Solar PV no doubt has established itself as a reliable renewable energy technology that will be a significant part of the global energy mix towards a net-zero global economy


Just like solar PV, wind energy is another renewable technology that has witnessed massive drop in cost in recent time, largely due to industry maturity and scale of projects seen in the very established UK and European markets. Industry projections point to a continuous downward trend in cost, even as new markets emerge across America and Asia.

From onshore wind to offshore fixed bottom and floating systems, Wind holds strong potential to play a key role in the global electrification and net-zero ambition.


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